February 20, 2017

The Reading Challenge Ends . . . The 2016 Buckeye Book Award

And the reading challenge continues!  As stated in a previous post, my librarian friend Ashley Lambacher of the Book Talker and I are hosting the Buckeye Book Award Reading Challenge.  Our goal is to read all the past winners from the children’s book category in chronological order from 1982 to the present.  I will read the K-2 picture book winners and Ashley will read the 4-8/3-5 chapter book winners.  Today I continue my challenge by reading the winner of the K-2 Buckeye Book Award in 2016, Sam and Dave Dig a Hole by Mac Barnett and illustrated Jon Klassen.

Sam and Dave are friends that set out on an adventure.  They decide to dig a hole in search of something “spectacular.”  They begin to dig but miss the diamond treasure hidden next to them - if only they had dug their hole a little more to the right! They dig a little deeper, but as they approach a bigger diamond . . . they miss it because they decide to dig in another direction!  Finding nothing, they decide to split up (Dave digs up and Sam digs down) but they miss an even bigger diamond - they would have found it if they’d just continued straight!  Next they decide to dig straight down, which causes them to miss the biggest diamond yet!  They become tired of digging and take a nap.  While they sleep, their dog digs his own hole to fetch a bone.  Then they all begin to fall through the air only to land in the spot where they first began to dig - or is it the same place after all?  While they didn’t find a spectacular item, they both agree that falling from the sky was pretty spectacular.  Jon Klassen’s illustrations are done in his signature earth tones with simple shapes and lots of texture.  This Caldecott award winning illustrations are a perfect match for Barnett’s tale of digging for treasure.  My students grades K-5 love this book, making it an understandable win for the 2016 Buckeye Book Award.

Ashley -  Your 2016 book is Louis Sachar’s Fuzzy Mud.  My students really love this creep thriller.  What about your students?  I can see why it won a Buckeye Book Award.

After almost two years of reading, I’m sad to see our challenge end.  However I’m proud of our commitment  and collaboration to read all of the Buckeye Book Award winners since 1982.  Thanks for coming on the journey with me!

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  1. How, how I love Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen. Barnett has such humor in his story telling, and Klassen has such an eye for simplistic details. I love how students shriek when they see the diamonds, and will discuss what happened when they fell from the sky (is it an alternate universe? is it the other boy's house this time?). It's such a great blend of the story saying one thing, and the pictures saying another. Another great selection by Ohio students!

    As for Fuzzy Mud, I'm not surprised it won! I haven't had a chance to see how students feel about it, but I know it's checked out often! Can't wait to review it!

    Thanks for including me in your challenge! It's been such fun, and I love reading your take on various winning titles. It's sad to end it, but maybe that just means we need to collaborate on something else in the future? :)