December 29, 2015

Books to Celebrate New Year's

I did a previous blog encouraging themed browsing boxes at home.  I love playing librarian to my daughter and creating a collection of books for her learn about, enjoy, and celebrate current holidays.  I recently put together a small box of New Year’s books complete with fun party favors.  Below is a list of New Year’s books for you to create your own themed browsing box at home.  Happy reading!

Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution by Pat Miller
The Night Before New Year’s by Natasha Wing
Happy New Year! by Amy Ackelsberg
Happy New Year, Pooh! by Kathleen W. Zoehfeld
New Year’s Day by Davod F. Marx
New Year’s Day by Lynn Peppas
New Year’s Day by Kathryn A. Imler
New Year’s Day by Mari C. Schuh
Happy New Year, everywhere!  by Arlene Erlbach
Happy New Year, Mallory!  by Laurie Friedman
Amelia’s Must-Keep Resolutions for the Best Year Ever! by Marissa Moss

December 6, 2015

The Challenge Continues . . . Buckeye Book Award Reading Challenge 1997

And the reading challenge continues!  As stated in a previous post, my librarian friend Ashley Lambacher of the Book Talker and I are hosting the Buckeye Book Award Reading Challenge.  Our goal is to read all the past winners from the children’s book category in chronological order from 1982 to the present.  I will read the K-2 picture book winners and Ashley will read the 4-8/3-5 chapter book winners.  Because 1998 was skipped, today I continue my challenge by reading the winner of the K-2 Buckeye Book Award in 1997, Dogzilla by Dav Pilkey.

Dogzilla is a hilarious story featuring a giant Corgi.  The enormous dog emerges from a volcano at the smell of barbecue in the city of Mousopolis  - populated by mice, obviously.  Dogzilla wants the barbecue and accidentally destroying Mousopolis in her wake.  The leader of the desperate mice, the Big Cheese, hits on a plan to chase Dogzilla away by threatening her with a bath!  Pilkey's humorous narrative is full of puns and goofy jokes to make both kids and adults laugh out loud.  The unique  illustration are a combination of bright paintings superimposed with photographs of Pilkey’s pet mice, cat, and dog.  Fans of Dogzilla will also enjoy Pilkey’s Kat Kong and Dog Breath.

Ashley, your upcoming 1997 The Haunted Mask by R.L. Stine.  Yikes – another scary tale!  

Would you like to join Ashley and I as we read through Ohio’s award winning books?  We welcome any and all who are interested in participating in this fun reading challenge.  For more information, click here.