October 13, 2019

What if you had animal parts!?

Thanks to Scholastic, author Sandra Markle will be visiting the 2nd & 3rd graders at my school. While she has written over 200 books, her What if you had animal parts!? series is a favorite of my students. To prepare for Sandra's visit, I'm doing a fun lesson where students use the Keynote app to add animal parts to themselves.

Here are the steps to my lesson:

1) Step 1: I start the lesson by reading these books . . .

2) Step 2: Then I asked the question . . . 

3) Step 3: I took photos of each student with a plain background and airdropped my keynote project to the student's iPads.

4) Step 4: Students used Instant Alpha to take away the background of their picture.

5) Step 5: Students added their picture to these colored slides below . . . 

6) Step 6: I provided these slides with animal parts.

7) Step 7: Students added animal parts to their picture.  Here's the end result!  

On a final note, there are some tricks to creating the isolated animal parts.  I'm happy to share my project with you (just email me at jill.merkle@yahoo.com) but if you'd like to create your own animal parts, here's a screencast showing the steps:

September 12, 2019

#mustreadin2019 fall update

This is my #mustreadin2019 fall update.  I love participating in this reading challenge hosted by Carrie Gelson of There's a Book for That because it connects me with a community of readers and encourages me to read newly released books to share with my students.  In January, I created my #mustreadin2018 reading goals.  As a reminder, here they are:

So far, I've read (or I'm currently reading) almost all of the newly released titles on my list  - plus A LOT of additional new titles!  To see the #mustreadin2019 books that I read from January to April, click here.   I'll be back in December for a final reading update.  For now, below are my lists of the new picture books and chapters books that I've read in 2019 since April:

Picture Books I Read - #mustreadin2019

Chapter Books I Read - #mustreadin2019