October 8, 2016

Taking the Global Cardboard Challenge to a New Level

What can you make out of cardboard?   Many have heard of the Global Cardboard Challenge inspired by Caine’s Arcade.  It asks children all over the world to build anything they can dream up using cardboard, recycled materials, and imagination.  It’s held annually on the first Saturday of October.  Students and their parents visit their school’s event for a few hours on a Saturday and build something together.  However, participation is optional, and it often conflicts with children’s extracurricular activities and time with their families.  This year, I took a new approach to the Cardboard Challenge and hosted it on a school day.

To allow all students in my school the opportunity to participate in the Global Cardboard Challenge, I hosted it on a Friday in October.  It was wonderful to see all students enjoying the event as they created spectacular creations and collaborated together.  Parents were invited and volunteered by helping students with cutting difficult shapes with box cutters and tearing duct tape for little fingers.  The event was connected to learning as teachers provided extension activities including pre-designing and post-reflections.  

Ultimately, hosting the Global Cardboard Challenge on a school day took the event to a new level.  We had 100% participation and classroom connections.  This new twist on the Cardboard Challenge is sure to make a big impact on my school’s culture for the remainder of the year as we embrace a maker mindset and encourage creative problem solving.

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