July 3, 2015

My Favorite Book . . .

Every so often, I read a book that captures my heart.  As I close the book, I embrace it with a little hug.  I feel sad that my reading journey had ended, yet satisfied that a book so beautiful exists in the world.  My new favorite book is If I Were A Book by José Jorge Letria and illustrations by André Letria.

If I Were a Book celebrates the magic and wonder of reading.  It personifies books and likens them to people who can change your life.  A few of my favorite sentiments from the book are:
"If I were a book, I would not want to know at the beginning how my story ends.”
"If I were a book, I'd be one skyscraper in the city of words."
"If I were a book, I'd like to have my own magical place in every child's imagination."
As a librarian, I have to say . . . if I were a book, I’d be a library book.  Sharing the adventure within my pages with one reader after another; an endless journey of new faces and places.

I highly recommend this book for bibliophiles of all ages.  The illustrations are simple yet gorgeous.  They visually capture the essence of the author’s message, making this father-son duo a dynamic partnership.  

If I Were a Book is essentially a love letter from books to readers.  It provides a voice to the feelings associated with a paramount read, and honors that special relationship and bond.   

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