June 20, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Since losing my dad last year, Father’s Day is a difficult holiday for me.  However this year, I plan to focus my attention on the wonderful father my husband is to our daughter.  The book Because I Am Your Daddy written by Sherry North and illustrated by Marcellus Hall is a beautiful tribute paternal love.

Because I Am Your Daddy depicts how a father measures his love for his child.  In a market flooded with books about motherly love, this endearing book about dads is a refreshing read.  North’s flowing poetic texts highlight a myriad of daddy day jobs depicting how deep a father’s love runs.  Daddy as a pilot who flies his daughter to school and impresses all of her friends; Daddy as an inventor who makes a high-tech tree house. The loving bond between parent and child is at the core of the story. The watercolor paintings by illustrator Marcellus Hall are a combination of contemporary and vintage 1950s. They complement the message of the story and allow the reader to visualize the loving bond between daddy and daughter.

This book captures the special bond between my daughter and my husband.  They are two peas in a pod and just like in the book, there is nothing my husband wouldn’t do for his little girl.  He is the dad who builds and fixes things, who plays sports and games, and who tells silly jokes.  Their daddy-daughter bond is special.  While my own father was amazing, my daughter’s father is out of this world.  He is a modern dad who goes above and beyond as a husband and father.  On this Father’s Day, my daughter and I pay tribute to a very special man.  Thank you for all you are and all you do.  We love you!

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